The Battle of the Sanitizer Wipes!

Are all sanitizer wipes the same? The quick answer…..No, and here’s why that’s important: Coronavirus can contaminate and remain infectious on any hard, non-porous surfaces such as ceramic, metal, glass or plastic for up to 9 days where it can then make its way onto your hands, then into your body via your eyes, nose or mouth, where it incubates and then bingo. It seems like we’ve never been more squeaky clean than now; we’re sanitizing, masking up, lying low and avoiding contact, yet this bug keeps doing its thing, and worse….it’s mutating now into fast-spreading variants. Sounds like the latest B movie horror feature!

But hey…we’ve been fighting back, and a key part of our arsenal is the ‘wipe’. Sales of sanitizer wipes have skyrocketed over the past year, as we wage war with Covid, disinfecting the surfaces in our homes, offices, schools, daycares…everywhere, while we await the vaccine rollout. But here’s the rub (if you’ll pardon the pun), not all wipes are created equal! Lots of studies now show that using alcohol-based wipes of at least 60% alcohol or higher are better and faster at killing Covid germs VS those non-alcohol wipes like Lysol’s.

Heys offers both 70% and 75% alcohol wipes that will kill Covid germs in 30 seconds or less VS Lysol wipes (which they say in their own Press Release) will take up to 2 minutes to do the same job. Nothing against Lysol as it’s been a good family brand for many years….but in this case, let’s face it…speed matters when you’re dealing with a highly contagious virus like Covid. No one wants to tempt fate with this virus lingering on their countertops for 2 minutes after you’ve supposedly wiped them clean. Scary stuff indeed.

So...when it comes to the Battle of the Sanitizer Wipes, it pays to put on your lab coat and do some armchair science to help understand what your best weapons are. Arming yourself with the faster Covid-killing alcohol wipes from Heys can give you the upper hand against a virus that’s infected over 110 million people worldwide. In this case, a little knowledge can go a long way. Stay safe….

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I have bought these – 6 bottles or jars — they are AMAZING ! Totally agree the outdo LYSOL ! including price ! and always available !

Reginald J Bernard December 15, 2021

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