It’s time to double down on double masking

Just when we thought vaccines were here to save the day and our Covid-weary Canadian winter would soon be over, we’re now told there are more contagious Covid variants on the prowl! Emerging from South Africa, the UK and elsewhere, they’ve quickly spread to over 50 countries now. The UK variant is at least 56% more transmissible, potentially more deadly, and could get a foothold here if we’re not careful! Now just wait…….before you barricade your family in the basement with a forest of toilet paper and bottled water, binge watching apocalyptic fare like The Walking Dead, just know that life will still go on. We just need to up our protection game, and that includes our masks.

We’re told that one mask may no longer be enough, doubling up our masks may be the best defense. More layers = more protection. So….if you’re one of those still sporting a clumsy, flimsy, loose-fitting, homemade beauty that you proudly display at the grocery store each week (hey you know who you are), then it’s time to double up and go to battle!

The typical poor-fitting, thin cloth mask will no longer cut it, since we’re told that these only filter just over ½ the particles at best. It’s like being armed with a BB gun against a rampaging bear. This is where double-masking may help. The second mask helps the mask closest to your face fit better with no openings, so more of your breathing is forced to go through the mask material, not escaping out the sides or around your nose. The result? You’re better protected and so are those around you. How do we do this? Choose two masks that fit your face, put them on and make sure they’re tight fitting and large enough to completely cover the nose, mouth and chin with no gaps. Having a gap is like having a hole in the mask! Now try this test….breathe in and out a few times. Are the masks expanding and retracting? Are your glasses not fogging? If your answers are Yes, then congratulations. If not (or if you’re turning blue because you can’t actually breathe through them)….then stop, adjust, and repeat the above!

Good luck….and let us know your favourite mask stories or jokes. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. 😊

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