Heys Celebrates over a Decade of Eco-Friendly Travel Products

Over 10 years ago, Heys developed the world’s first luggage design that utilized recycled plastics – the EcoCase – made from recycled automotive components and refrigerator parts. Today, we are pleased to see other brands finally catching on to this important cause which Heys pioneered back in 2008 with our EcoCase launch in Canada.


The original EcoCase from 2008

Another important eco-friendly line launched by Heys was the Ecotex® collection of Packing Cubes and Travel Bags. This was another industry first, as Ecotex® was an innovative and durable material made from 100% recycled water bottles (PET), instead of the traditional polyester or nylon. After 10 years, the Ecotex® collection continues to be the company’s most successful eco-friendly bag and accessory line ever. With each 5pc packing cube set recycling 18 bottles, each 3pc set using 10 bottles and so on, Heys is proud to have diverted tens of millions of bottles from landfills to date! Watch this video to see how Heys creates the Ecotex® fabric.

With the world now purchasing over 20,000 plastic bottles every second, and the need to recycle ever-growing, Heys continues its innovation with the use of recycled PET in its latest luggage designs. Have a look at the stylish and modern EcoLite and EcoCase collections. Each 3pc set repurposes an amazing 263 bottles, while producing a stylish and rugged, yet flexible material that’s ideal for a modern luggage set.

More than a decade ago Heys was proud to launch a new green philosophy in travel goods. Today they continue to be excited to develop new technologies, including the use of unique materials for travel goods such as straw, hemp, bamboo and more.

To commemorate this week’s 51st annual Earth Day, Heys is offering a sale on all of their Eco products. But hurry, the sale ends after today!

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