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I bet that right about now you’re getting a bit fed up with the endless reports on Covid which has singlehandedly upended the world of travel as we know it!

Well…...let’s just clear our heads and take a moment to DREAM (No….not just our dreams of booking a hair appointment, or of a night out at our favourite restaurant, or of actually hugging family members or friends). No…..let’s dream BIGGER….how about where you most want to travel next? What’s on your must-visit list? When do you want to go, and who do you want to bring with you? How do you want to get there, and how long do you plan to stay in this truly awesome place?

We would love to hear about the trips you’re dreaming about. Are they close-to-home short trips? Family ‘flexcations’ combining work and travel? Or full-on bucket list ‘revenge travel’ destinations? Just answer the few short questions that follow, and we’ll send you a 10% off Heys coupon as a thank you. Let’s get started….it’ll make you feel better, we promise 😊

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