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Nickelodeon Lunch Bag - Ninja Turtles (NL-DLB-TT03-24BTS)

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0.42 lbs – 0.19 kg

8.75” x 5.5" x 8" – 22cm x 14cm x 20cm

Jacquard, PVC


Nickelodeon Lunch Bag - Ninja Turtles

The Nickelodeon Lunch Bag Collection by Heys has been designed with the unique characteristics of children in mind.

High-quality materials such as jacquard and PVC are used to further enhance the Lunch Bags’ visual appeal. Detailed matching zipper pullers and embroidered labels also add a special touch to each bag. The Lunch Bags also incorporate key design features that benefit children: They are lightweight and spacious, they have printed thermal pockets, and a name tag kids can personalize, making them ideal for everyday use, travel or back-to-school. All of these features have been designed to make these lunch bags as functional as they are fascinating!

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Nickelodeon Lunch Bag - Ninja Turtles (NL-DLB-TT03-24BTS) Sale price$18.99

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