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Article: How to Store Your Winter Clothes in 3 Easy Steps

How to Store Your Winter Clothes in 3 Easy Steps

How to Store Your Winter Clothes in 3 Easy Steps

As warmer weather approaches, it's time to start thinking about sorting and storing your winter clothes, to make room for your spring and summer essentials.

Here are 3 simple and useful suggestions to help make the sorting and storing away of your winter clothes less daunting.

Step 1: Sorting through your winter clothes and accessories.

  • Sort items in 3 piles; those that you will keep, donate and throw out.
  • This is a good time to let go of any mismatched items such as your gloves, mitts and socks. Items that have holes such as hats or scarves. Clothes you haven't worn in years; the winter coat that no longer fits.
  • Gently used items that you no longer wish to keep can be donated to a local charity, or sold to a consignment shop. Ask a friend if they would be interested in the items for themselves.

Step 2: Preparing your winter clothes for storage.

  • It’s important to wash or dry clean your winter clothes before storing, to prevent them from deteriorating in storage. Soiled items containing perspiration, lotions or perfumes can cause the fabric to yellow and create an unwanted odour. This step will keep your clothing in good condition till next fall.
  • Items that cannot be tossed in your washing machine or dry cleaned such as boots and shoes should be wiped or brushed to remove accumulated salt, snow and dirt from the winter season.

Step 3. Storing your winter clothes and accessories

  • Storing your winter accessories and clothing in packing cubes is a great way to stay organized and save space in your closet, The cubes can be stacked on top of one another inside your dresser drawer or on a shelf, and they help prevent the items inside from wrinkling. A large packing cube can be used for your sweaters and wool pants, whereas a medium sized cube can be used to store your winter accessories, such as hats, gloves and scarves. The smallest packing cubes are ideal to store your winter socks or thermal wear.
  • Make use of your luggage when you’re not travelling. Once you have filled your packing cubes with your winter clothing, place them in your luggage. Store your luggage in a dry, cool place.

Each fall and spring, get into the habit of unpacking and organizing your winter and summer attire. It’s extremely fast and easy, it’ll preserve your clothes for future seasons, and it’s great space saver in the home!


Thanks! I needed a reminder.


Great Idea!

Ruth Murphy

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